Coconut milk is produced by grating the coconut meat of grown-up, brown coconuts. This is a rich, white liquid containing fat and oils, and often used as a constituent in baking and cooking.

Coconut water on the other hand, comes from the inside of younger coconuts filled with a translucent juice that is rich in electrolyte, without fat and cholesterol.

Since ages, coconut water or otherwise known as coconut juice has been revered by tropical cultures as a natural source of hydration, wellness and nutrition. It was believed of having magical healing powers.

To buy coconut water, you get the choices of different companies to choose from, some of them are mentioned below:


Vita Coco markets the coconut water grown in Southeast Asia and Brazil.

Coconuts, like other fruits produce grown in different places geographically, may have a slightly different taste based on soil conditions and climate. This can cause slight variations in color and taste, but apart from the country of origin of the coconut, the company attempts to provide consistent, fresh and delicious tasting coconut juice in all the packaged units.

Vita Coco is entirely natural and isotonic beverage, fat free and low in calories, much more nutritious than orange juice or whole milk and does not contain any cholesterol.

Vita coco is available as : 100% Pure, Acai & Pomegranate, Passion Fruit, Peach & Mango, Pineapple, Tangerine and Tropical Fruit.

In case you decide to buy coconut water, vita coconut water is priced at about $32 for 12 packs of 500 ml.

Where can I buy coconut water: Vita coco coconut water


Zico coconut water was founded by an avid athlete, Mark Rampolla. After sports activities like hiking or running, he loved to drink coconut water as a healthy, refreshing and energizing drink. Boosted by his aspiration for coconut drinks, in 2004, he pursued to bring natural and healthy coconut water to the world. Zico  has turned out to be the preferred choice for maintaining stamina in athletes and replenish them with energy and hydration.

Zico coconut water is available as:
·    Zico Chocolate: Coconut water with chocolate flavor.
·    Zico Natural : Unadulterated coconut juice from young coconuts.
·    Zico Pineapple: Combines pineapple and citrus essence with coconut juice.
·    Zico Mango: Adds light essence of mango flavor to the coconut juice.
·    Zico Lima Citron: Blends lemon and lime essence with coconut juice.
·    Zico Pomberry: Blends berry and pomegranate with coconut juice.
·    Zico Passion Fruit: Blends passion fruit (Passiflora edulis) with coconut juice.

Where can I buy coconut water: Zico coconut water


O.N.E. coconut water comes from a beverage company that was initiated by two MBA students (of Sao Paulo, Brazil), Eric Loudon and Rodrigo Veloso, who planned to bring natural and healthy coconut water in the U.S. market.

O.N.E. coconut water is available in flavors of:
·    O.N.E. coconut water (unflavored), guava, mango and pineapple. These are good sources of potassium, and have thesame electrolytes found in blood.
·    O.N.E. Kids: Apple, Orange, Raspberry lemonade and Fruit punch.
·    O.N.E. Active: Grape Berry, Cranberry-Grapefruit and Lemon Lime: This comes with added herbs and minerals.

Where can I buy coconut water: O.N.E. coconut water


Harvest Bay coconut water is a natural, thirst quenching and refreshing isotonic drink that helps the body to recover quickly after exercise, and keep it well hydrated. It has more potassium than banana, with no added sugar or fat. Harvest Bay coconut water is made from fresh, young, green coconuts cropped in Thailand. These coconuts are naturally sweet and rich in nutrients.

Where can I buy coconut water: Harvest Bay coconut water


Naked coconut water comes from Naked Juice Company, which started as a pure juice brand in 1983 from Santa Monica, California with the maxim “nothing to hide”. Initially, the company sold blended fresh fruits at the beaches and had only a single store in Los Angeles.

As a latest addition to the naked juice product family, pure “Naked 100% Coconut water” is just pure coconut water with no added sugar, flavor or preservative.

To buy coconut juice, you get the different choices of flavors and companies to choose from. You can order them online or buy coconut water at some whole food stores.

Where can I buy coconut water: Naked coconut water

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