What is coconut water?

If you are asking the question: What is coconut water, then I assume you aren’t from the tropics.

Where coconuts grow commonly in the tropics, it is normally a common drink for the inhabitants.

Do they drink coconut water for the health benefits? Maybe not, many are probably unaware of the many nutritional benefits inside that green skin. Do they drink it because it taste great? In the beginning, I imagine that is why they started drinking young coconut water. If you have never tasted fresh coconut water, you might be quite surprised that it is not only refreshing, but taste delicious.

What is young coconut water? This is the green coconut that has been taken from the tree. The brown hairy coconut that you find in the grocery store is not where the inhabitants of the tropics get their coconut water. This aged coconut has less fluid, and could be foul smelling and tasting.

I’ll never forget one of the first times I bought a brown hairy coconut and it tasted and smelled nasty. The first few I bought, tasted pretty good then I got the bad one. I don’t want you to have to go through what I did. Thank goodness for the coconut water products they have out now. Vita coco and  Zico and  O.N.E. and Harvest bay and that’s just a few. They have many more brands. All made from the young green coconut, this is very important.

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What is coconut water good for?

What is coconut waterI was drinking Vita coco coconut water one day when a friend of mine stopped over to visit. He asks me what I was drinking, and I replied: I am drinking coconut water. He replied: What is coconut water good for?

He knows I try many healthy foods, and I get this a lot from him. I thought to myself, what is coconut water good for, then I said: I couldn’t imagine any thing it would be bad for. Then he wanted to know why I started drinking it to begin with. I said I was reading on natural electrolytes in beverages for fluid loss when I was sick one day, and found an article on coconut water. Then I learned that many individuals drink it for a sports drink. It has potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, sodium and calcium, yea the perfect electrolyte formula, straight from mother nature. So now, when someone ask me: what is coconut water good for, the first thing that comes to mind is that is has a fantastic balance of electrolytes.

Young coconut water also has many other elements that are good for you as well, but we won’t get to technical. As a mater of fact, in some 3’rd word countries, doctors used it as a saline solution via an I.V., for a hydration fluid. How is that for the perfect hydrating sports drink. If you are a sports enthusiast, and you try it, you will need not ask: What is coconut water good for?

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You know what is coconut water, but what is the best coconut water?

WWhat is coconut water good for?hat is the best coconut water? That has many factors. Taste, all-natural, date-stamped, and no preservatives, these components are all important when you ask yourself what is the best coconut water? These are all very important, but remember coconut water is a perishable item because it is all natural.

If it doesn’t have preservatives in it, in time it will go bad, just like milk. Well it’s not quite like that, milk goes bad much quicker and needs refrigeration immediately.

Coconut water only needs refrigeration after opening, but will eventually go bad if it is fresh and has no preservatives.

Another question I get is: What is coconut water packaged in. The most popular is a tetra pack or a can. I prefer the tetra pack myself but many like it in the can. It seems like most of time, coconut water in tetra packs come with out the pulp, and the cans usually do. What is coconut water pulp? It is the white coconut inside the shell. There isn’t a whole lot of this in the coconut water, but there is some if it contains pulp. Make sure you check and see if there is pulp or not, depending on your taste.

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