What are Cacao Nibs all about?

what are cacao nibsCacao nibs are a great tasting snack made from the cacao bean.  For those not quite familiar with the term, the cacao bean is the primary ingredient which makes all chocolate.

This natural source of chocolate originates inside of a pod which grows on cacao trees found in warm climates. Organic cacao nibs provide you with a nutritious way to satisfy your chocolate cravings.

Raw Cacao nibs are partially ground cacao beans delivered in a crunchy texture that pleases all who love chocolate. Cocao nibs provide a healthy organic snack alternative, which provides energy in a natural way.

They are freeze dried and kept in low temperatures to lock in the nutritional values and delivered to your door fresh and ready to enjoy. Customers love the additional way to enjoy chocolate, and for those who love dark chocolate- it’s simply delicious.

There are so many ways to enjoy cacao nibs- sprinkled, in a mixture, or in a recipe, they are simply delicious.

Navitas cacao nibs are backed with their promise to provide each customer with nutrient rich whole foods produced using organic agricultural methods.

What are Cacao nibs benefits?

Check out this fantastic video on raw chocolate and Cacao and learn the benefits from a professional.

Cacao nibs are a healthy and nutritious way to enjoy chocolate. They can be eaten right out of the package, or added to your favorite recipe.

This natural source of chocolate can be used in blended drinks, to sprinkle on cakes and pies, and even in as the main chocolate source in many foods.No matter what the choice is, cacao nibs are a gratifying addition to anyone’s food list.Getting a healthy source of chocolate not only tastes good, but makes you happy.

You can cook with these cacao nibs, bake with them and eat them straight out the bag. Recipes like pasta sauces, egg plant,and other gourmet dishes.  Your guest will love the secret ingredient.

You’ll get an intense flavor that won’t be easily forgotten. Navitas Naturals Organic are tested by three parties to ensure quality products.Their goals are include having great products with minimum processing and are safe.  Buying a quality product from a company who takes pride in the entire process.

What are Cacao nibs: Are they nutritious

What are Cacao nibsCacao nibs are a nutritious way to get your chocolate fix. Whether you are using these tasty textures for a chocolate cake mix or to sweeten up your favorite recipe these 100% gluten free cacao nibs is a great addition.

You can even use these raw cacao beans to make your favorite trail mix- simply add sunflower seeds, walnuts, or which ever ingredients you enjoy, and within minutes you have a tasty treat.

Healthy does not have to mean bad tasting, cacao nibs are a kosher,vegan and organic way to have a great tasting snack. They are loaded with antioxidants which are a great way to keep your body healthy. What better way to get antioxidants and a bit of minerals and iron than by way of the world’s favorite comfort food.

Chocolate is a popular snack all over the world, and being able to get great chocolate with nutritional value makes it taste even better. With Navitas Naturals, customers will never be disappointed. This product is full of goodness, grace and wholesome qualities.

There is no better way to eat chocolate. As a natural organic product, it is available at a great price. Available in two oz packages which make it convenient for snacking. For those who choose not to use theirs for snacking, there are tons of recipes available which cacao nibs would enhance.

In this day and age, its great to find a product which is loaded with nutrition, available at a reasonable price, and tastes great. What more could one possibly want in a product? Navis Naturals makes getting all this nutrition simple and tasty.  Cacao Nibs are a great new way to enjoy chocolate.

The taste might be a little intense, but for those who enjoy dark chocolate and it’s benefits, would love cacao nibs.  There aren’t too many products which are both nutritious and tasty, but for those who love chocolate, cacao nibs are a great snack to try.

There isn’t too much sugar, as you will find in processed snacks because they are all natural and organic.  With cacao nibs, you are getting exacty what expected-  an  organic, raw, gluten free, vegan, kosher, and healthy snack which tastes great.

What are cacao nibs

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