Breville BJE200XL review: The juice fountain

Breville BJE200XL juice fountainThis new model of juicer, the BJE200XL 700 watt Compact Juice Fountain has been one of the bestselling centrifugal juicers in the recent times. It comes from the prestigious juicer range of Breville.

Its low price combined with its compact design, stylish looks, large feed chute and a powerful 700-watt motor has made Juice Fountain the consumer’s favorite kitchen machine for health.

This model is a class apart with other juicer models; such that the fruit pulp remains inside the juicer device instead of being shifted into the removable pulp container. It is ideal for those who want juice in relatively low quantities.


Powerful 700-watt motor: The powerful motor inside the Juice Fountain runs at 14,000 rpm to yield faster and better extraction. This power is high enough to go easy on the hardest vegetables and fruits.

Compact Design: With dimensions of just 9.5″ x 8.8″ x 16″, the Juice Fountain will fit well in any corner of the kitchen or rack. This compact design of the BJE200XL Juicer uses less space than other juicers, attributing a lot to its success.

Wide 3-inch feed tube: The feed tube, by which the vegetables and fruits are put in the BJE200XL juicer, is sized to 3-inch allowing the user to put most of the juice ingredients without slicing them up. The feed tube is located directly over the micro-mesh filter and cutter, which increases the efficiency of the juicing.

Cleaning: Breville BJE200XL juicer includes a cleaning brush. This is especially designed in a way to remove all the pulp shreds by getting into the nooks and crannies of the pulp container.

Other features: Breville BJE200XL juicer includes a stainless steel micro-mesh filter. The accessories and parts being dishwasher-safe, and the juicer device carries a 1 year limited warranty.


All electromechanical products come with certain advantages and disadvantages. It however depends upon the user requirements. For example, a juicer of high capacity is suitable for a large family or for commercial use; but for a single person, it will sound bulky and expensive. He would prefer a small and powerful juicer for personal use, or for a small family.


  • The Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain is very compactly designed; and produces great power and speed powerful enough to juice out the hardest of veggies and fruits.

  • The controls are very easy as with all Breville Juicers, so even the novice will quickly get it working, without even much reading.

  • Considering it as centrifugal juicer, the operation is fairly silent, with sound levels almost the same as a standard food blender.

  • With the cleaning brush provided, it gets really easy to spotlessly clean the Juice Fountain.

  • The Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain is low priced, and proves to be a good bargain.

  • The manual along with Juice Fountain comes very handy, especially for people having first experience with juicing.


  • As the pulp container is integrated into the machine and not externally attached; it means that only about 2-3 glasses of juice can be made in a single session. The container needs to be frequently emptied, if fruit juice is to be made for many persons; such as, in a large family, or for a party.

  • As the feed tube is positioned centrally over the cutter, and due to the high power of the juicer, the fruit juice may sometimes spill out. But this can easily be avoided by covering the feed tube with the palm, after putting in the ingredients and running the machine.

  • Berries cannot be juiced well because of the juice spilling out. It happens because very slow speed is required for juicing berries, which is not available with this juicer.


A fine juicer optimized for small uses at home, the BJE200XL Juice Fountain made by Breville gives you an excellent value for money. However, this juicer has some limitations discussed above.

This juicer has only one speed setting. This proves to be a drawback if softer fruits are to be juiced, as doing so will result in a very wet pulp.

It is intended for a small family; the pulp remains inside the machine unless cleaned, it does not provide continuous juicing.

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