Healthy Eating with Whole Foods

Healthy Eating with fruits and vegetables Recommendations from healthy food and nutrition experts from all over the world are that people should have at least five servings of vegetables and fruits every day. Actually, there is no way to lay much emphasis on this advice considering that not so many people, especially from research findings, [...]

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Breville BJE200XL review: The juice fountain This new model of juicer, the BJE200XL 700 watt Compact Juice Fountain has been one of the bestselling centrifugal juicers in the recent times. It comes from the prestigious juicer range of Breville. Its low price combined with its compact design, stylish looks, large feed chute and a powerful [...]

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Overview of Manuka honey One might often question, "what is honey", and "what is Manuka honey". Manuka honey is produced in parts of Australia and New Zealand from the nectar of Leptospermum polyglaifolium and Leptospermum scoparium. To be branded as Manuka honey, the honey should have at least 70% Manuka pollen count. Manuka honey has [...]

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EAT RIGHT WITHOUT GIVING UP FLAVOR: NUTIVA COCONUT OIL Nowadays, most people are becoming increasingly aware of the value of eating correctly and living with a healthy lifestyle. Although, eating well does not have to mean you have to change the way you cook, but most people are not sure how to incorporate this change [...]

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Maple Syrup Grades Info

MAPLE SYRUP GRADES Maintaining the consistency maple grade syrups is crucial to private label marketers, chefs and food manufacturers alike. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has prepared the maple syrup grades, so that people can better select the maple syrups according to its viscosity and flavor. ·    Grade A maple syrup o    Light Amber [...]

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On seeing the syrup stacks at the grocery store, we are likely to encounter a lot of different syrups, plenty of real maple syrups and pancake syrups to pick from. Pancake syrups are mostly corn syrups with added essence, and perhaps not worthy in flavor and consistency compared to maple syrups. Even on sale, pancake [...]

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Where can I buy coconut water

COCONUT MILK AND COCONUT WATER Coconut milk is produced by grating the coconut meat of grown-up, brown coconuts. This is a rich, white liquid containing fat and oils, and often used as a constituent in baking and cooking. Coconut water on the other hand, comes from the inside of younger coconuts filled with a translucent [...]

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What is grade B maple syrup

The sweet sap from the maple trees is used in the preparation of Grade B maple syrup and maple taffy. Let's know a bit more about maple, and how it benefits us with its products. Maple is a deciduous tree, with its characteristic lobed leaf most widely known as the national symbol of Canada. You [...]

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Of what importance is raw Cacao chocolate to the body?

Is Cacao chocolate a super food? Many people find themselves at the cross roads wondering what kind of food to eat for a healthy diet. There are a number of super foods that have a potent taste. These are the foods that can be acquired depending on taste. However, one super food that most people [...]

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Growing Herbs: the basics to getting started

Growing herbs indoors or outside Growing herbs indoors or out, is not only a great hobby, but it will keep fresh herbs in your kitchen without having to go to the grocery store to purchase them. That is, if they even have the type of herbs you need or want. A good, easy to maintain [...]

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Good healthy foods to eat

Good healthy foods to eat: The problem!!! Many of us do not have healthy foods to eat in the fridge and without healthy foods to eat, in the long run, could very well shorten and reduce our quality of life. Quality of life has become of importance to me and the older I get, the [...]

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The history of the chocolate cacao

Raw chocolate is also known as chocolate cacao and comes from the cacao tree.   The trees grow in Mexico and central and south America and have been cultivated since around 1100 BC.  It was the Maya and Aztec civilizations who first started using the the seeds from the cacao tree and making them into drinks. [...]

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