Ninja professional blender review

Ninja professional blender

Ninja professional blender

When it comes to making a great smoothie or snow cone, a standard blender just doesn’t cut it. The motor and parts are not designed for this kind of heavy duty grinding. Although the Ninja professional blender is inexpensive, compared to the Blendtec, it is designed to crush ice to a snow-like consistency. With its 6 blade technology and powerful 1000 watt motor, chopping ice, fruits, and vegetables are a snap. This motor is designed to not get overworked. Smoothie machines demand a lot of power and durability. This has both and much more.

Ninja professional blender safety

Ninja professional blender

Ninja professional blender with fruit

The Ninja NJ600’s locking lid creates a safe blending environment for the whole family. No worries about your children firing up the Ninja professional blender without a lid on it and trying to jam the contents down with a utensil and getting it caught in the blades. For one thing, the blades are not only at the bottom, but also in the middle of the blender as well. There is no need for plunging your food. If someone does decide to start the blender without the lid on, it has a safety feature that will not allow the motor to run until the lid is locked in place.

Who is the Ninja professional blender for?

Ninja professional blender

Ninja professional blender with finished smoothie

The Ninja NJ600 may not be for everyone. In its class, it is the best for making smoothies, that is what it is designed for. At just under $100.00 it makes ice into snow and makes a phenomenal smoothie. With all that said, you can spend $400.00 to $500.00 dollars on a commercial grade Blentec, and yes, you’ll get a little smoother texture. If you have the money and are a serious smoothie maker, you might want to take a look at the blendtec. At one fourth of the blendtec cost, the Ninja professional blender will produce a great smoothie at $300.00 dollars less.

Why the Ninja blender professional?

  • Powerful 1000 watt motor
  • Large 72 oz. blender container
  • 3 speed with pulse
  • Safety lid won’t allow blender to run until locked in place
  • 6 blades strategically placed for an exceptional blending experience

Buy Ninja NJ600 best in it’s class, under $100.00

Let’s take a look at what a current owner has to say:

I have used the Ninja blender for about 3 months and I wouldn’t part with it. I have never owned a commercial grade blender ( at 4 times the cost of a ninja pro, I can’t afford it) but I would imagine they would give you a little smoother consistency, I’d hope. I was excited to find the Ninja pro at a price I could afford and even more thrilled at the performance.

I make smoothies consisting of water, fruits, frozen fruits and vegetables at the start of each day. The Ninja NJ600 blends the contents very well and I do not need to chew my smoothie.

I highly recommend Ninja pro as an alternative to a commercial blender because of the money difference and I feel healthier since I’ve been using it.

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The Ninja blender is best in its class. You can have it delivered right to your door.

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