Benefits of eating healthy food snacks

Healthy food snacksAdding healthy food snacks to your diet has many benefits. Sure, when you hear the term healthy, snack food is the farthest thing from your mind- but it is possible to snack in a healthy way.

There are many benefits to eating  healthy food snacks. People tend to snack quite a bit throughout the day, which can lead to weight gain. This is because most “snacks” are loaded with sugar and fat.

It seems that the word snack is somehow associated with foods which aren’t healthy. However, this does not have to be. There are healthy food snacks which taste good and are quite enjoyable.

By replacing regular snacks with healthy food snacks, you will cut down your sugar and fat intake. Sugar often turns into fat, and unless you burn as much as you take in , you will gain weight.

There are different types of fat, but saturated fat which is a component of fried foods such as french fries and potato chips should be kept at a minimum because it is not conducive to healthy eating either.

It’s okay to enjoy these snacks from time to time, but replacing these and other items on your grocery list with healthy food snacks, the change can have a large effect on weight gain, and your overall health in general. You could see changes in your weight, digestion, and maybe even your complexion, though these changes may be subtle, they are all signs of a healthy lifestyle.

Types of healthy food snacks

You may be wondering what healthy food snacks are out there. You actually have many choices to enjoying a healthy snack instead of sugary and fatty snacks. Fruits and vegetables have long been the epitamy of health, and still are.

There is a difference these days however, there are quite a few ways to make tasty healthy food snacks with them. They give many benefits to those who eat them, however some more so than others.

Having an apple or banana as a snack is a great idea. Apples, pears, bananas and many other fruits offer healthy benefits. They have natural sugars which make them a more enjoyable  healthy food snack..

Vegetables can make great snacks also. Carrot and celery sticks are a great way to eat healthy and remain full- simply dip them in to a healthy dip of your choice.

Gluten free snacks are also a healthy choice. Two great choices are nuts and air popped, popcorn. Grab a handful of almonds, or add them with a bit of dried fruit.

Air popped, pop corn has been a favorite for years, instead of butter, try sprinkling a bit of healthy popcorn seasoning, many are sodium free.

There are many ways to enjoy eating healthy food snacks.  Once you find your niche you won’t even miss the sugar, salt and fat found in many snacks.

Superfoods make great healthy food snacks

Healthy food snacks are wonderful, but superfoods make them even better. Super foods are foods which carry many benefits.

When you consider healthy foods, you may think of foods with one or two benefits, such as calcium in milk or vitamin c in oranges. But superfoods have many nutrients which means they are highly recommended- as a snack, in a meal or just because.

Blueberries for instance have antioxidants, vitamin c and dietary fiber just to name a few. Yogurt also is considered a superfood,with nutrients such as calcium, potassium and protein- it has become increasingly popular for many looking to enjoy  healthy food snacks.

Other superfoods are sweet potatoes, nuts, kiwis and eggs- to name a few. Be adventurous and find ways to incorporate these foods into your snacks.

Make a trail mix with almonds, dried blueberries and sunflower seeds or whatever ingredients you like. Eating healthy doesn’t have to taste bad, take the time to find healthy food snacks which taste just as good as they make you feel.

Here is a fantastic article on “What are Cacao nibs?“. This is a truly nutritious snack that will also give you a chocolate fix, the healthy way.

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