Growing herbs indoors or outside

Growing herbsGrowing herbs indoors or out, is not only a great hobby, but it will keep fresh herbs in your kitchen without having to go to the grocery store to purchase them. That is, if they even have the type of herbs you need or want.

A good, easy to maintain choice would to be to plant an herb garden, weather it be an indoor herb garden or outside garden. You have a lot of different choices when your growing herbs in you own garden.

The delightful results of your gardening efforts can be used in your cooking and as sachets to perfume your linens and lingerie. The tips and methods we discuss in this article will make it simple for you to have and enjoy, your first herb garden. You will see just how simple growing herbs can be.

Growing herbs with soil

If you have the right type of soil and the correct amount of water, your garden will turn out good. Wherever your garden is going to be, you need to know about the soil, even though the majority of the time, growing herbs are relatively easy. You really need to know the pH of the soil, if you are using the local soil, rather than some bought from the store.

The PH tells you how acidic or alkaline the soil is on a scale from 1 to 14, where 1 is most acidic and 14 is most alkaline. To have your plants function the best, the soil should be less than 7.5. but more than 5.5. Adding some organic fertilizer to your soil can improve its quality. When growing herbs in pots, you should use soil optimal for growing herb. Preferably organic with the above PH.

Growing herbs with hydroponics

Growing herbs and tomatoesGrowing herbs with hydroponics has gotten more popular in recent years. You don’t need any soil when growing herbs in an organic hydroponic  garden. The types of maintenance you have to deal with when you have a “normal” outside garden, such as weeds and pests, aren’t an issue with a hydroponic garden.

Hydroponic gardens are usually inside your home. This makes dealing with the weather a non-issue. Even though hydroponic gardening is nice, it does use up some electricity. This is good and not so good. You don’t have to worry about sunlight, so you can be growing herbs just about any where in the house or apartment you want.

Ultra violet lights are necessary for hydroponic gardening, and this can cause your power bill to be a little more than you’re used to. However, the convenience of hydroponic gardening draws a lot of gardeners to this method; therefore you may want to think seriously about it as well.

The other benefits of growing herbs with hydroponic system is it is less time consuming. There are no weeds to pull, no bugs to get rid of, and you only have to add water occasionally. Growing time is usually cut considerably. The hydroponic system is set up in a way to ensure that the growing herbs have the optimal amount of water and organic nutrients.

The Aerogarden is nice addition to any home. No dirt, no mess, no bugs, all you need to do is plug in, add water as required, drop in the nutrients and insert pod. Now you are growing herbs. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

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Growing herbs for different reasons
The herbs that smell nice are classified as aromatic herbs. Essential oils, perfumes and potpourri have been infused with herbs for years. Even dried herbs have their own scents that can be used in rooms, closets or other places for their aromas. If you like, you can figure out how essential oils are made and make them yourself.

Aromatic herbs like mint, oregano and basil are the perfect bases for essential oils. Aside from giving your home a pleasant aroma, many people believe that essential oils have healing properties. If it does nothing else; a pleasant scent can make you feel better.
Another fantastic use for growing herbs is herbal tea. Many individuals drink herbal tea for its variety of benefits. There is nothing like a fresh cup of herbal tea in the morning. A refreshing change from the same old cup of coffee.

There is nothing more delightful than using fresh cut herbs straight from your own garden in salads, soups and any recipe you like . So, whether you want to grow your own herbs because it’s a fun thing to do, or to enhance your cooking, it just plain makes sense.

About the only excuse I can think of for not growing your own herbs is if you don’t like herbs! But, if that’s the case, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article. Herb growing requires no experience and just a small amount of room. It won’t be long before you will be enjoying the results from your herb garden if you implement a few simple steps and you put forth just a minimum amount of effort.

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