Grade A vs Grade B maple syrupOn seeing the syrup stacks at the grocery store, we are likely to encounter a lot of different syrups, plenty of real maple syrups and pancake syrups to pick from. Pancake syrups are mostly corn syrups with added essence, and perhaps not worthy in flavor and consistency compared to maple syrups. Even on sale, pancake syrups are not worthy of the price. In contrast, maple syrup is completely natural, rich in taste, and contain a distinct maple flavor that you’ll find missing in the pancake syrups.

After you try the original, 100% pure, organic Grade A maple syrup and organic grade B maple syrup, you will buy the 2% maple syrups easily available in the grocery stores. There is vast difference in the quality and taste.


There are various types of maple syrup grades, depending upon the collection time of sap. Sap collected at the start of the harvesting season is generally lighter and clearer in taste. With the progress of season, the maple syrup made from the sap becomes caramelized in flavor and darker in color.

Maple syrup comes in two varieties, organic Grade A maple syrup and organic Grade B maple syrup. This classification of Grade A vs. Grade B maple syrup provides a simple method for identifying preferred flavors and uses to the individual consumers as well as the food industry. Grade A is further classified as Light, Medium and Dark.


Organic Grade A maple syrup is the popular choice of most people, and most individuals unequivocally say this is a delicious maple syrup. It is of relatively thin consistency, and comes with a light maple flavor. It is a fine choice for preparing pancakes, and makes great toppings for desserts and other similar foods. Although it is thinner than the traditional syrups, it is pure, organic and natural as opposed to other syrups you’ll see in the grocery stores. The kids love it, and you will be completely satisfied. Though not very expensive, it is of a very high quality. Though the thicker ones are as good in taste, Grade A maple syrup gives you a quick delivery on the plate.

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Organic Grade B maple syrup has a stronger flavor, is much darker in color. Its consistency is thicker, similar to the pancake syrups, in contrast Grade A maple syrup has a runnier consistency.

Because of its strong flavor, Grade B is more preferred for baking, for it gives better results with waffles or pancakes over Grade A. In many recipes however, the two types are interchangeable.

Grade B and Grade C maple syrups are the same (Earlier what was known as Grade C, is now called Grade B).

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If we compare Grade A vs. Grade B maple syrup, we can see certain features in them that make them distinctive.

Grade A maple syrup comes in Light Amber, Medium Amber and Dark Amber. All these variations of Grade A are lighter in thickness and color compared to Grade B maple syrup.

Grade A Light is intended for day-to-day use, like in salad vinaigrette, while Medium and Dark ones are very good on pancakes.

As Grade B Maple syrup is much darker and more amber in color, and because of its strong and distinct maple flavor, it often becomes a favorite constituent in the cocktail of bourbon, whiskey and rum amongst bartenders. Grade B is also used widely in the food processing industry.

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