Is There A Difference between Vegan and Vegetarian?

Many people are confused about the difference between vegan and vegetarian. Some think that vegan and vegetarian are the same while others say that they are different. Read on to see the difference between vegan and vegetarian. Then you can choose which one suits you the best.

Technically speaking, vegan is a component of vegetarianism. A vegetarian simply does not consume poultry, meat, seafood or fish. This description fits that of a vegan as well but a vegan tends to be stricter.

For instance in a restaurant scenario; a restaurant alerts its patrons that their vegetable soup contains no traces of meat or meat products, not even the beef or chicken stock that is often used as the veggie soup base.

To the ordinary patron, the veggie soup sign is an indication that the soup has been made entirely without any kind of poultry or meat product. Some of the not-so-strict vegetarians may not mind a bit of chicken broth being used as the base. However, to a vegan, any soup containing traces of any ingredients derived from animals is a big no-no – totally unacceptable! Are you starting to see the difference between vegan and  vegetarian?

The difference between vegan and vegetarian diet

For you to decide what to eat in trying to keep with your vegetarian or vegan diet, you must be appropriately informed regarding all the ingredients comprised in each dish. With the wide practice and acceptance of vegetarianism and veganism today, determining which dish to go for is much easier than in the past years since many restaurants are now listing all the ingredients used for their dishes.

The waiters in these restaurants will also not be taken aback when you ask whether the soup contains chicken or beef broth or when you seek clarification on the ingredients. 

Defining the difference between vegan and vegetarian

Vegetarian is a description of a diet while vegan can be regarded as a lifestyle. This is the most prominent difference between vegan and vegetarian. The word vegetarian is only a description of the food one consumes; however, many of the vegetarians lead a similar lifestyle.

In the strictest sense of the word, being vegan is much more than a plain diet. Vegans are usually on a quest of avoiding any sort of animal products in all their lives’ aspects, such as cosmetic products, clothing, household items and food.

This means that the strict avoidance of animal products in the diet is only one aspect of a vegan’s lifestyle. The transition to a new lifestyle from the standard diet for most vegans is a gradual process that happens in stages. It can begin by partaking vegetarian diets that are less strict then stepping up the changes once they achieve a stricter vegan diet. 

In summation, the major difference between vegan and vegetarian is that a vegan will eliminate from his or her diet all animal products like eggs, dairy and even different types of honey. Those in a vegan lifestyle go even further by avoiding the wearing of leather and other animal products such as silk, wool and fur. Vegans have a tremendous compassion for animals. Vegetarians on the other hand, avoid poultry, fish and meat from their menu but they may consume eggs and dairy products.

Things to remember:

  • The difference between vegan and vegetarian is life style
  • The difference between vegan and vegetarian what you wear
  • The difference between vegan and vegetarian is eggs, dairy and honey

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