How Healthily is a Coconut

Coconut water has become a popular trend in recent years and many more people are beginning to use coconut water in their everyday life’s, whether in their food or just on its own, and can have a range of benefits.

Coconut oil has been used for many centuries especially in tropical countries where it common knowledge to treat health issues from reducing high blood pressure to cleaning the body.

Coconut is also known as KalpaVriksha in some tropical countries where is means ‘tree which gives all that is necessary for living’

What Is Coconut Water

Coconut water is basically liquid that is clear and generally stems from a junior green coconut that is fairly sized and is harvested at the age of 5-7 months, which gives it enough time to produce water and the end product.

The coconut will gradually develop and the liquid begins to form to the water solution that can be consumed, this type of water has more nutrients than if you were to drink coconut milk or other layered liquids with coconut water in.

Coconut water has been handy in emergency situations where there are limitations to medical resources.

The water has been used as a form of IV to hydrate a person who requires it; the high content of electrolyte is a main component that can really add to the water’s effect and providing a certain flavour.

Coconut Water Nutrition Facts

In terms of nutrition, it can be hard for some people to believe that coconut water really has nutrients that make a difference. The coconut contains around 46 calories from the inside of the coconut that is the main part that provides the nutrients; this is essentially a serving for one person.

There is also 10 grams of natural sugar within the coconut, a small amount of protein plus no fat – it also contains essential vitamins, phytochemicals, and minerals that we all need and this is a perfect source to gain these vital nutrients.

The main ingredient that provides a source of nutrient is potassium from the coconut, which contains 600 milligrams which makes it a high-quality drink with electrolyte. Furthermore, coconut water is shown to have a tiny amount of sodium along with calcium and magnesium, which are all important electrolytes.

The benefits of electrolytes are great for helping to stabilize blood sugar, heart rate and also avoiding dehydration, especially during the summertime when it can be harder to control. The content of electrolytes provide nutrients that are effective in reducing fatigue/tiredness stress/tension and relax muscle pain/ache. Coconut water is no miracle cure, but it provides the body with many nutrients that it needs to function.

The part of the coconut that has cytokinin has been investigated in and is in the early stages of possibly being an anti-cancer aid, moreover, it may be able to help regulate hormones, thus reducing the increase in cells pointing to cancer. Although cytokinin is impressive in its potential nutrient effects and life-changing benefits, more research is required for a formal conclusion and dosage of the specific chemical.