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Coconut Water Nutrition Facts

How Healthily is a Coconut Coconut water has become a popular trend in recent years and many more people are beginning to use coconut water in their everyday life’s, whether in their food or just on its own, and can have a range of benefits. Coconut oil has been used for many centuries [...]

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Where can I buy coconut water

COCONUT MILK AND COCONUT WATER Coconut milk is produced by grating the coconut meat of grown-up, brown coconuts. This is a rich, white liquid containing fat and oils, and often used as a constituent in baking and cooking. Coconut water on the other hand, comes from the inside of younger coconuts filled with a translucent [...]

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What is coconut water? Natures hydration?

What is coconut water? If you are asking the question: What is coconut water, then I assume you aren’t from the tropics. Where coconuts grow commonly in the tropics, it is normally a common drink for the inhabitants. Do they drink coconut water for the health benefits? Maybe not, many are probably unaware of the [...]

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