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What is the Difference between Vegan and Vegetarian

Is There A Difference between Vegan and Vegetarian? Many people are confused about the difference between vegan and vegetarian. Some think that vegan and vegetarian are the same while others say that they are different. Read on to see the difference between vegan and vegetarian. Then you can choose which one suits you the best. [...]

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The Importance of Antioxidants in the Diet

The Value Of Antioxidants Most people know about antioxidants and the fact that they are vital to good health and nutrition. It appears that as scientists study and discover more about antioxidants, the more important they become. Antioxidants have wide ranging abilities, including their role in preventing heart disease to their ability to slow down [...]

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Antioxidant Rich Whole Foods

Antioxidants contain anti-aging effects that could help to reduce the risks of heart disease, cancer and cholesterol-oxidation. These compounds may even help in preventing macular degeneration and glaucoma while enhancing your immune system. Antioxidants are the natural occurring chemicals that can be found in various foods. What foods are high in antioxidants? To understand more [...]

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Benefits of Organic Whole Food

Taking A Look At The Benefits of Organic Food Organic whole food is a very controversial topic in today's health industry. Nutritionists all over the world try to answer the question of whether organic food is better and healthier than processed food. The research done so far shows that compared to non-organic counterparts, organic food [...]

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The history of the chocolate cacao

Raw chocolate is also known as chocolate cacao and comes from the cacao tree.   The trees grow in Mexico and central and south America and have been cultivated since around 1100 BC.  It was the Maya and Aztec civilizations who first started using the the seeds from the cacao tree and making them into drinks. [...]

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Are smoothies healthy?

Are smoothies healthy? Smoothies for health If the only thing you are putting into the blender, is fruits and vegetables, I think you already know the answer to the question: Are smoothies healthy? Most people know,  living whole foods, mostly fresh fruits and vegetables are extremely good for you. Even the USDA recommends, as of [...]

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Ninja professional blender

Ninja professional blender review Ninja professional blender When it comes to making a great smoothie or snow cone, a standard blender just doesn’t cut it. The motor and parts are not designed for this kind of heavy duty grinding. Although the Ninja professional blender is inexpensive, compared to the Blendtec, it is designed [...]

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