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Maple Syrup Grades Info

MAPLE SYRUP GRADES Maintaining the consistency maple grade syrups is crucial to private label marketers, chefs and food manufacturers alike. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has prepared the maple syrup grades, so that people can better select the maple syrups according to its viscosity and flavor. ·    Grade A maple syrup o    Light Amber [...]

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On seeing the syrup stacks at the grocery store, we are likely to encounter a lot of different syrups, plenty of real maple syrups and pancake syrups to pick from. Pancake syrups are mostly corn syrups with added essence, and perhaps not worthy in flavor and consistency compared to maple syrups. Even on sale, pancake [...]

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What is grade B maple syrup

The sweet sap from the maple trees is used in the preparation of Grade B maple syrup and maple taffy. Let's know a bit more about maple, and how it benefits us with its products. Maple is a deciduous tree, with its characteristic lobed leaf most widely known as the national symbol of Canada. You [...]

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