editorThe Whole foods connection is a website based on foods and products that are found in a whole foods store. Many of the foods that are reviewed on this website may or may not be at your local whole foods store. Most of the whole foods that you’ll be reading about will be new to many of my readers. That is one of the purposes of this site.

We will try to provide as much information and product details as we can. We’ll also show the reader where the best place to purchase the products are.

There are many different online stores that have low prices, low shipping, fast shipping and the cost for each is different. Depending on what an individual prefers, the lowest price or the fastest shipping at the best price, there are many different preferences.

We are always looking for the best price and the best shipping options, so you don’t have to. Just because a site has the lowest price, and a low or free shipping doesn’t mean it suits everyone. If you’re looking for one or two day shipping, there might be a big difference in shipping cost. Maybe time isn’t that important. Find the best price here, don’t spend your days looking for the best price, we’ll do our best to do the work for you. The main thing is to eat healthy foods.