Vegetarian Taco Options To Try

When you think of tacos, there's a good chance that you picture a Mexican dish that prominently features meat. Beef, chicken, and pork tacos are all common, but when you visit an authentic Mexican eatery that is known for its diverse taco options, you'll often find vegetarian-friendly dishes to explore. Whether you follow a vegetarian diet or you're just interested in experiencing some different taco types, there are many different vegetarian tacos that you may wish to order. Here are three popular options that you can most likely find at Mexican food restaurants

Black Bean 

One of the most popular vegetarian tacos features black beans as its protein source. This taco can be virtually as filling as a meat taco but generally will have far less fat — making it a healthy choice as well as a vegetarian-friendly one. You'll see that the black beans can appear in different ways. Commonly mixed with various Mexican spices such as chili and cumin, the beans can be loose or they can be mashed. The latter option creates somewhat of a sticky paste that helps to hold other ingredients in place.


Eggplant tacos are also available at lots of Mexican establishments, which can be a fun option to explore whether you like eggplant or don't have much experience with this vegetable. Typically, the eggplant will be cut into chunks or strips and cooked very quickly to give it some char but ensure that it's still juicy. In some cases, the eggplant will have been marinated before cooking, which will enhance its flavor. This can be ideal, as eggplant isn't the most flavourful vegetable on its own. Some marinades can be very spicy, which can be a fun option for someone who loves spicy fare.


At some Mexican restaurants, you'll see squash tacos. This vegetarian-friendly option can be fun because of its unique flavor. The sweetness of the squash is apparent in each bite and can pair well with various salty and spicy ingredients. Different eateries prepare their squash in different ways. It can be roasted or fried, hot or cold, and marinated or not marinated. Many types of squash are high in fiber, so you might be surprised at how just filling an order of squash tacos can be. Visit the websites of some Mexican restaurants in your area to check out their taco options, noting what vegetarian tacos are available.