Three Benefits Of Having Portable Water Refill Stations At Your Event

When you're planning a large outdoor event such as a concert or a festival, you'll want to rent a number of devices that your attendees will appreciate. One such device is a portable water refill station, which you can get from a company that specializes in event rentals. It's a good idea to rent several of these devices for your event; the company can make a specific recommendation on how many stations you'll need based on the size of your outdoor venue and on how many guests you anticipate will be in attendance. Here are three benefits of having portable water refill stations at your event.

Convenient Hydration

It's important for people at outdoor events to stay hydrated. Hot, sunny conditions mean that there's a risk of people suffering from dehydration and the serious health consequences that can occur as a result. As an event organizer, you want to minimize the likelihood that anyone suffers from dehydration. Having a number of water refill stations around your venue can help make it easy and convenient for people to have access to water. People can fill their reusable bottles and containers in just a few seconds and sip water throughout the day, returning to the nearest station whenever they need more water.

Environmentally Friendly

While some outdoor events have bottled water for sale, doing so isn't necessarily an approach that is environmentally friendly. While some of your attendees may recycle their empty plastic bottles, many others will almost certainly discard them in trash bins around the venue. This can result in your event creating a significant amount of waste, which isn't ideal. Using portable water refill stations around the venue can help to dramatically cut down on the waste that your event produces. For example, you might decide not to sell plastic water bottles at all. Instead, you can encourage people to use the refill stations.

Better Attendee Relations

Event attendees can sometimes be frustrated when they have to buy bottled water. For example, over the course of a long day in hot conditions, an attendee may need to buy several bottles of water—costing them a significant amount of money in the process. As an event organizer, it's ideal if you can make decisions that your attendees can appreciate, and having water refill stations that dispense water for free can keep people happy. Building a strong relationship with your attendees in this way may make them more excited to attend your next event. Contact a company that specializes in renting portable water refill stations.